User: Brian Howe
From: Helen Young Date: 12/19/52 Subject: Eusociality

Swarm findings:

We've run the numbers. All models for growth, lifespan and metabolism only work when applied across the
entire population, rather than to individuals.

In some ways, they're like advanced hive insects, a single advanced superorganism. Containment is vital.

User: Brian Howe
To: Helen Young Date: 12/19/52 Subject: Re: ??!

Structured sociality?

Among large-bodied organisms? I'm still skeptical.

There's no doubt the eggs are dangerous though. We had an accident today. One of the workers was found

Agree containment is vital, but don't foresee difficulty.

User: Laura
From: Brad Campbell Date: 12/18/52 Subject: Re:Re: Eggs

Two of my men are unreachable. One group reported strange noises when searching Sector 24. Could've
been anything. This place is falling to pieces.

What about those extra men?

User: Laura
From: Brad Campbell Date: 12/20/52 Subject: Need Help
Cortez, Jones and Stefani are dead. Limbs missing. Jones looks as if his legs got caught in a meatgrinder. Cain
and some of his men arrived this morning, real pushy, asking about Delivery 4903877.

They told us to stay behind until they'd searched the area for the other missing personnel. I tapped a security terminals, watched them loading up the cargo vessel with those containers. Needless to say, they didn't
come back.

We'll never be able to make it back to the main complex without a ride. Must be 50 degrees below out there.
WTH is going on?!?

User: Lt. Cain
From: Laura Callen Date: 12/18/52 Subject: Outpost 17
Lt. Cain,

We just received word from B. Campbell that cargo delivery 4903877 contains organic material of unknown
origin, all frozen and stored in containers. The destination of the cargo vessel is SynTek Research Station

I'd like you to question your staff again and help me find out who's violating restriction #77-C. (IA must be
informed about transfer of unknown organic material to Earth; 77-C/1.1.4)

Campbell is also reporting the disappearance of several workers. Colony security is your responsibility. I expect you to send enough personnel to keep the area secure.

L. Callen

User: Lt. Cain
From: Alena Date: 11/15/52 Subject: Re: Hi

Working outside the core systems can be a lonesome experience. Starfire SubNet Dating could be the
answer to your troubles! Meet for a chat or maybe more? Call (+490387439)



User: Lt. Cain
To: Laura Callen Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Outpost 17
Ms. Callen,

I know all about restriction #77-C. We searched Outpost 17 and found the live cargo. We locked it up in
sector 39 and it'll stay there until we get orders from the Interstellar Alliance on how to proceed. We have
yet to find the missing personnel. It wouldn't be the first time some workers got drunk and disappeared
for a day or two. Since nothing can ever really get lost on Vereon XII, I'm sure they'll show up soon. Mr.
Campbell has orders to give me updates every 6 hours.

Lt. Cain, SynTek Security.




User: Lt Cain
From: Shaun Ming Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Breakthrough
Lt. Cain,
Big breakthrough today. I've managed to isolate and decode large bits of the genetic blueprint of the alien
lifeform. This creature is astounding, I've never seen anything like it. I've also learned a lot about the alien
lifecycle. Now for the unpleasant part:

I need you to get everyone out of the laboratories except the scientists who work under me. No one should
be allowed to enter Deck 2. In order to test my assumptions on how the Swarm reach maturity, I need
something alive. I believe it would have to be at least the size of a dog to satisfy their appetites. Can I count
on you?

S. Ming

User: Lt Cain
To: Shaun Ming Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Re: Breakthrough
Mr Ming,

1) As good as done.
2) I'll see what I can do.

Lt. Cain, SynTek Security.

User: Brian
From: Helen Young Date: 12/22/52 Subject: No work
Hey Brian,

We keep missing each other.

Did you hear about the contamination? They sealed off the labs indefinitely. Only Ming has access. Armed
security guards are stationed at the elevators.

Love, Helen. PS: Kate's cat has gone missing again.


User: Sean Bale
From: John Cain Date: 12/20/52 Subject: Delivery to Research Station 7
Mr. Ming,

IA agent L. Callen has discovered our shipment. It also looks like some of the specimens are loose. I'll take
care of it, but she might come asking you and your staff some pointed questions. I recommend you devise
some good answers in advance. Get your story straight.

Lt. Cain, SynTek Security.

User: Sean Bale
From: Friend Date: 12/18/53 Subject: Re: Employment Opportunity
Paradise Found!

Tired of the daily grind? Cramped living conditions, no food, medicine or clean air to breathe? Join the Colony Placement Program (CPP) to find a better life among the stars! Member partners include SynTek
Megacorporation, United Industries and Frontier Pharmaceuticals. Guaranteed placement, no matter your profile
or credit rating! Find your paradise today! (TM)

User: Sean Bale
From: John Doe Date: 12/25/52 Subject: WAKE UP!!!
Hello free people,

Before I came to People's Law, I slaved underground for SynTek on some dirtclod in the Outer Rim. We never questioned the hours, or checked the labor laws; hell, we didn't even know such laws existed. We were too
tired to ask the right questions, and too worried about losing our jobs. You know if you quit, they're under no obligation to get you off the rock...or to house and feed you. It's even worse if you're fired.

But six months ago I stumbled across People's Law. They informed me of my rights and helped me get out of
my contract with SynTek. They got me a transfer back to the Core Systems, where we all belong. Hey: Even
when you know you're doing the right thing, it's still damn scary doing it. But it's a lot less frightening with
People's Law working by your side. You've got nothing to lose but your fear of making a move. Contact (+2369992634980)

Disclaimer: People's Law breakaway deals are fully binding and non-refundable under IA law. Working
conditions of replacement placement cannot be guaranteed.

User: Shaung Ming
From: Laura Callen Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Flow of information
Mr. Howe,

Why didn't you inform me about the eggs you and your crew found in the mine last week. Unless you can
provide a sound justification for this lapse, I will have to file a report.

L. Callen

User: Shaung Ming
From: Laura Callen Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Re: Re: Flow of information
Mr. Howe,

I've checked my records but I don't see your memo. This is worrying. I've talked to the system administrator,
in hopes of finding some sort of explanation.

I'll take the next train to Timor Station. Arriving at 0845. Could you pick me up?

L. Callen

User: Shaung Ming
To: Laura Callen Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Re: Flow of information
Dear Ms. Callen,

I DID follow procedure. I mailed you a detailed memo 6 days ago. I also mailed you about the security issues
we've been having lately in Timor Station. Two workers went missing on Monday and today we had a fatality.

My men are exhausted from working doubleshifts. The heat is oppressive, and they are starting to hallucinate
from fatigue--reporting unexplained noises and such. I'd like you to talk to SynTek and see that things
improve around here ASAP.

B. Howe


User: Brian Howe
From: Helen Young Date: 12/23/52 Subject: Atrium closed!!
They had to close the Atrium this morning! Not just the south wing, but the entire facility. We were told that
the contamination has spread from Deck 2 through the ventilation system. Security personnel are guarding
the entire Northwest section of Deck 1. They are quite unfriendly.

Meanwhile, I got mail from that idiot Ming this morning. Seems that he and his men are still working in the
labs, studying those eggs you discovered. I'm certain his work does not have IA approval.

See you later--Helen.

User: Brian Howe
To: Helen Young Date: 12/23/52 Subject: Re: Atrium closed!
Helen, things are bad down here! We found another body tonight. This one partially devoured. Something is
down here. Some thing. Cain and a dozen of his crew showed up, took the elevator down to Timor Station,
telling us to stay back. A little while later, we heard gunfire.

When Cain came back, he was down to two men, both badly wounded. Cain, told me we had to pull our crew
out the mine. I said it's impossible, they're scattered all over the place. He just shrugged at that. Said it's my
problem now. Then he left.

So, I'll take Dave and Tom with me. We'll do one last search for the missing workers. I want you to inform IA
agent Laura Callen about this. While you're at it, tell her about Ming. She's the only one with authority to
stand up to Cain.

Be careful! Brian.

User: Alex Tanner
From: Kate Edwards Date: 12/22/52 Subject: Timothy
Dear Mr. Tanner,

Have you seen Timothy by any chance? Stupid cat didn't come home again. I know he likes you, so if comes
around would you mind giving me a call? Thanks.

K. Edwards

User: Alex Tanner
From: Muriel Blanc Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Dear Mrs. Kate Edwards
Our duty officers found six bottles of Isothamine 23 when they scanned order 9476-B. This delivery was
addressed to you. As you are no doubt aware, it is illegal to buy, own or sell this product anywhere in the
Outer Rim. (#205-P/7.7.12) Please call (+34987) and make an arrangement with one of our security officers immediately.

Muriel Blanc, SynTek Customs and Taxes

User: Lt Cain
From: Shaun Ming Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Tests
Lt. Cain,

A cat? Won't do. Too small.

S. Ming

User: Lt Cain
From: Shaun Ming Date: 12/22/52 Subject: Tests 2
Lt. Cain,

This should work. I might need more. Would that be a problem? I hope I don't have to emphasize the importance of my examinations.

S. Ming


User: Brian Howe
From: Helen Young Date: 12/23/52 Subject: L. Callen
Stay out of Timor Station! Please come back to the main quarters ASAP. Kate is missing and no one knows
where she is. Phil said he knows of at least two other missing persons. I'm meeting Ming tonight.

Please get back as soon as you can. I love you.


User: Brian Howe
From: Helen Young Date: 12/24/52 Subject: WHERE ARE YOU??
Brian, please contact me! Where have you been? I'm worried, all right? Ming is experimenting with those
eggs--experiments I know are illegal. This morning they sealed off Deck 1; there are rumors of contamination
but no confirmation. SynTek wants to keep us in the dark. We even heard gunfire somewhere in the main

Please contact me. I can't stand the thought that you're still down there somewhere.


User: Shaun Ming
From: John Cain Date: 12/24/52 Subject: Re: What about Young?
We can't find her anywhere.

Things are out of control. I'll contact SynTek headquarters. I need the IAF here pronto.

User: Brian Howe
From: Helen Young Date: 12/24/52 Subject: Going to the labs
Brian, what the hell is going on? Gunshots? Screaming? Phil and I have decided to try getting into the labs.
We'll use the vent system to get to Deck 2.

I love you. Please contact me!


PS: Happy birthday, for what it's worth.


User: David Anders
From: John Cain Date: 12/24/52 Subject: Martial Law
To all citizens of Vereon XII:

I am declaring a state of martial law, effective immediately. Everyone is ordered to go to their quarters and
remain there until further notice. Anyone found in violation of this order will be shot on sight.
Declaration by authority of SynTek Colony Law #545/76B as per standard contractual worker agreement
clause 45(vii).

Lt. Cain, SynTek Security.

User: David Anders
From: Dr. PharmA MedTech. Date: 10/08/52 Subject: Re: Good 2239

cHeAp BiOtEcH eNhAnCmEnTs

Not strong enough? Not smart enough? Not pretty enough? At PharmA MedTech we can solve all your
problems, with a full range of artificial implant, growth meds and attachments. Reply now for 50% off
replacement optics!

User: David Anders (Helen Young?)
From: Brian Howe Date: 12/24/52 Subject: Re: Going to the labs
Sorry I couldn't contact you earlier. We found a tunnel those things are using to spread out all over the
colony. We rigged an old warhead. We're gonna try to seal off the tunnel with the blast.

We also got some alarming mails from Laura Callen. I can't imagine how bad it must be up there. Helen, for
Christ's sake, stay away from the labs! Lock yourself in until I get back to the main complex.


User: John Cain
From: Laura Callen Date: 12/24/52 Subject: This is it
Martial law?

It's too late for that.

We need serious intervention, or we're going to lose this facility.

User: David Anders (Helen Young?)
From: Brian Howe Date: 12/24/52 Subject: Warhead
Helen, for God's sake, answer me! Please! Dave and Tom are dead. We couldn't get the warhead into that
tunnel. I'm hiding for now, but staying here is not an option.

I just hope you're all right. There are so many things I wish I'd said to you. Just never seemed like the right
time. And now...everything's wrong.

I love you.



User: Helen Young
From: Shaun Ming Date: 12/22/52 Subject: Progress
Dear Helen,

I'm on the verge of one of the biggest discoveries of the last 200 years. I've been analyzing the genetic code of those organic samples we found. The data I've gathered supports my theory of how the alien lifeform is able to grow and reproduce so quickly. I believe the catalyst for rapid tissue generation is warm living flesh! I'd like you to be here to see this. I know you'd appreciate it. I'll try to get you SynTek clearance for the labs. See you soon.


User: Shaun Ming
From: John Cain Date: 12/23/52 Subject: Re: Lab clearance for Helen Young
Ming, are you out of your mind? You talked to Young about your findings?! I told you clearly, NO ONE outside SynTek is allowed to know what you're doing up there! To make things worse, things are getting out of hand. I just got back from Timor Station. It's spreading. How the hell did they get from Deck 2 to the mine? And btw, what's going on in the atrium?

Lt. Cain, SynTek Security.
To: John Cain Date: 12/23/52 Subject: Re:Re: Lab clearance for Helen Young
Lt. Cain,

Watch your mouth. I'm not one of your grunts. Young will keep her mouth shut. She's done brilliant work and she knows her career depends on it. So you saw live ones in the mines? Interesting. There's an obvious explanation: The eggs become active when they defrost. There's enough prey down there to support the growth cycle. Do the math. Don't sweat the atrium situation. We've got it under control. One of the parasites went missing yesterday. We think it found a way through the vents to the lower deck. The whole NW area of Deck 1 is sealed shut, so nothing's getting in or out.

S. Ming

User: Rivera
From: Laura Callen Date: 12/23/52 Subject: Email transfer
Mr. Rivera,

I asked you two days ago about the problems I've been having. You said you'd look into it. I've yet to receive an update. Why is this is taking so long?

L. Callen
From: John Cain Date: 12/24/52 Subject: Re: Callen getting suspicious
Rivera: Ignore Callen and get out of her way. Forward me any and all mail she sent to the IA.

Lt. Cain, SynTek Security.

User: SysAdmin
From: Phil Ryan Date: 12/20/52 Subject: Spam!
Mr. Rivera,

I think I speak on behalf of everyone around here. Can you PLEASE do something about the spam? Update the inbox filters or whatever, I assume you know best, but for God's sake do something! A nickel for every piece of crap I've received in the last month and I'd be set for life.

Phil Ryan.
From: Dr. Miller Fwd: Ph4rm4 4 U Date: 12/12/52
Get all the good stuff legally over SynNet!! Isoth4m1ne 23 for only 99$/package, all incl. Interstellar shipping available. Is0tham1ne 23 will make you feel fresh, strong and rested for an entire working day!! Your supervisors are taking it--why shouldn't you?
To: Phil Ryan Date: 12/20/52 Subject: Re: Spam!
Dear Mr,
Thank you for your mail and your interest in the company. We have carefully studied your request, and as soon as one of our agents is available he will be assigned to the issue. Do not reply to this email. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible. SynTek Management/Sys. Admin.

Rivera, C.

User: Brad Campbell
From: David Anders Date: 12/12/52 Subject: Env suits
Jeez Brad, the heat is getting unbearable. We found another lava field near tunnel 11, so things are not likely to improve. What about those env suits?

From: David Anders Date: 12/14/52 Subject: Daxol

Damn it. I talked to Pete and Kovac. They openly admit that people have started using Daxol again on a regular basis. Just when we thought things were getting back to normal. What do you want me to do?
To: David Anders Date: 12/12/52 Subject: Re: Env suits
Hi Dave,

I ordered them a long time ago. Don't know why they weren't in the last supply shuttle. All I can do is complain, which I'm doing, but you know how much good that does. By the way, I heard rumors about Daxol abuse on the rise again. Can you keep an eye out?

Cheers, Brad.
To: David Anders Date: 12/14/52 Subject: Re: Daxol

Thanks. I'll have a chat with them. I don't want to report it. I've always said the workers should be paid per hour, not for how fast they can dig holes into that damned rock. Not much we can do about it.

User: Lt. Cain
From: Laura Callen Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Laboratory contamination
Lt. Cain,

I want a full report about events on Deck 2. Include nature of the leak, blueprints, list of personnel with clearance to the labs, etc. I am getting tired of having to ask for this each time something comes up. You should be keeping me updated on a regular basis. I just returned from Timor Station. There's another report of two missing miners. Sounds vaguely like a security issue. So why haven't I seen any of your staff down there?

L. Callen
From: Laura Callen Date: 12/23/52 Subject: Fwd: Laboratory Contamination
Lt. Cain,

Still no update. I am out of patience. Consider this formal notice that I will be filing a report about your behaviour with the Interstellar Alliance. I'm also ordering further IA personnel to Vereon XII in order to obtain a clear picture of the situation. I will expect you to meet me at 1100 at reception.

L. Callen

User: Brad Campbell
From: Laura Callen Date: 12/18/52 Subject: Re: Cargo shipping
Hey Brad,

This is strange. I've searched our transport logs but there's nothing filed under 'Delivery 4903877'. I suggest you hold onto the cargo until I've traced the mail back. It was sent from somewhere within the main complex. Shouldn't be too hard to find out who forwarded you that order.
Talk to you later. Take care.
From: Laura Callen Date: 12/18/52 Subject: Re:Re: Cargo Shipping
Brad, looks like Cain is the sender. I asked him about it and he denied everything. He said anyone could've used that computer, which is true enough, but does not clear him in my eyes. I want you to inspect those containers before they leave the cargo bay.
To: Laura Callen Date: 12/18/52 Subject: Re: Eggs

Things are getting even weirder around here. After your mail I headed back to where we left the eggs. The shells were broken and they were empty. We have decided to search Outpost 17 in groups of two and see if we anything unusual turns up. Extra manpower would be appreciated. I think we're safe in assuming there's something suspicious going on. Shipping live cargo to Earth goes under IA restriction #77-C. Nobody could do that by mistake.

User: Vincent Baker
From: Juan Rosales Date: 12/18/52 Subject: Booze and babes?
Hey Vinc,

We should really take one of the Snow Cats and get to the main complex tonight. Frostbite can't be worse than staying here, getting drunk all by ourselves. 19:00 okay?
To: Juan Rosales Date: 12/18/52 Subject: Re: Booze and babes?
Sure thing J.

I'm out of Daxol anyways. See you.

User: Juan Rosale
From: Vincent Baker Date: 12/18/52 Subject: All work and no fun
Hey Junito, looks like Campbell wants us to do extra time. Has he got you searching Sector 12-18 too?
From: Vincent Baker Date: 12/18/52 Subject: Re:Re: All work and no fun.
Ahhah! You and Steve? That surely beats getting stoned. Oh well. Goddamn blizzard's coming our way anyway.
To: Vincent Baker Date: 12/18/52 Subject: Re: All work and no fun.

Nah, he wants me and Steve to search 30-35. Wanna trade?

User: Brian
From: David Anders Date: 12/12/52 Subject: Activation code

Kovac and I rigged explosives on the bridge. The detonation code is 0951. Tell your men to be careful. Good luck. Everything depends on this.