Expansion Act 50th Anniversary
Celebrations were held across the Interstellar Alliance today, showing support for the Interstellar Expansion Act of 2202. This wildly successful directive allows any registered entity to claim planets, moons and even entire star systems by right of first discovery.

The Act has been heavily used by major corporations, spurring expansion and colonization unseen in human history. The Act was put into place to encourage people to leave Earth, after dangerous overcrowding and high living costs put the homeworlds stability in danger.

A number of demonstrators were arrested outside the IA Central Embassy after they picketed the building, claiming the Act is responsible for fractioning humanity, citing the Chosen and the Humanist Protectorate as prime examples. A number of extremists also blame the Act and the IA for exposing humanity to the Swarm.

The celebrations were sponsored and organized by Trust Media, Paradise Supplies, United Industries and the SynTek Megacorporation, with a spokeman stating 'Relax, have fun, show your support! Then come to one of our recruitment centres and embrace the future!'

Pirate Bay to Purchase Sealand?
Notorious Swedish file-sharing website The Pirate Bay is planning to buy its own nation in an attempt to get around troublesome international copyright laws. The organization, the worlds largest bit torrent tracker, has set its sights on Sealand, a former British naval platform in the North Sea that has been designated a 'micronation' and claims to be outside UK jurisdiction. With a target price of ₤500m it wont be cheap, but Pirate Bay says contributors will become honorary citizens.

今年のLinux界隈であるが、カーネルで大きな動きがあったわけでもないので、とりあえず印象に残っている ニュースを列挙すると、検察の広報キャラクター

SynTek Establish New Mining Colony
The SynTek Megacorporation today reported establishment of a new deep space mining colony on the outer edges
of the SX-2833-87P cluster. They also announced immediate shipment of a civilian fleet of workers to the planet.

Demonstrations continue outside the SynTek Headquarters on the Tokyo York Island, Earth, over perceived working
conditions on the colonies and low pay, allegations SynTek deny strongly.

SynTek Stock rose 5 points with the news of the new colony.

Refugees flow into S-N5 constellation
Scattered groups of refugees continue to arrive at the S-N5 constellation on the outskirts of Paradise space. Survivors have been arriving at the system ever since Swarm attacks destroyed a number of independant colonies last month.

It is believed the attacks originated from the Anhaven Ruins, but many analysts are concerned that the Swarm attacks have reached so deep into Alliance space. 'This could be the precursor to a larger attack which may even reach the Core Systems', says Dr McArthur, a noted analyst of Swarm movements.

An officer from Paradise Supplies has requested IA support for dealing with the refugees, but has generously offered them all Paradise work contracts within the colonies.

IAF marines missing at Moonspire
150 IAF marines are still missing after the latest Swarm attack near the colony Moonspire on Antheon Prime, according to a senior IAF officer at a recent news conference held aboard the USS Endurance.

An infantry division of 208 marines was attacked by the Swarm two days ago, while searching the remains of an outpost for possible civilian survivors. 'There is an ongoing effort to find the missing marines', said General C. Morrison, 'we received a distress signal at around 0200, but the whereabouts of Company 212 is still unknown at this time.'

'This is a black day for the IAF, but we must fight on', said Morrison.

IAF plans to retake Antheon Moon
General C. Morrison recently announced that the IAF are sending another 12,000 troops to defend the Antheon System from the encroaching Swarm. The additional troops will be attempting to regain control of the human colony on the 5th moon of Antheon Prime.

Senator Tom Wearing of the Interstellar Alliance responded by calling the move a serious mistake in his public address this morning. 'I believe we are spreading our forces too thin', said the Senator, adding, 'we should recall all our troops to Antheon Prime. The 5th moon is already lost.'

SynTek accused of Droid Law violations
An anonymous source recently contacted the IA with supposed proof that the SynTek Megacorporation is using
reprogrammed military androids in some of its chemical facilities. If the allegations are true, SynTek would be in
violation of not just military law, but also several employment laws.

The source has also accused SynTek of using an S-300 Scavenger series droid, a highly unreliable model reserved
for use by the IAF on remote planets far from possible civilian contact.

A SynTek spokesman has commented on the allegations, stating 'These rumours are completely false. No one
would want to get near an S-300 after the Rosebloom Pleasure World Massacre in '36. SynTek's Robotics division
follows the IA standards to the letter.'

SynTek closed several of their chemical facilities shortly after the accusations came to light, claiming no connection
to the allegations, but citing reasons of normal obsolescence.

New Cellular Processes Discovered
It is well understood that the human brain requires a steady supply of chemical energy to function properly. SynTek Research Scientist Dr Lucas Weinburg recently announced his discovery of the genetic program which regulates this energy supply.

Having identified the receptor which controls the process, Dr Lucas is able to alter the supply and allow longer periods of conciousness. 'Eight out of 10 test subjects have easily switched from a 24 hour cycle to a 29 hour one with no ill effects', said Lucas.

'Subjects feel healthy, strong, refreshed and ready for productive work. Only two have complained about feeling unfocused.' His tests also show that seven of the 10 subjects have stopped dreaming during their sleeping period.

If this technique passes long term safety tests, this could be another sensational medical achievement for the SynTek Megacorporation.

United Industries Convoy Departs
A United Industries convoy departs this week from their central colony, headed for the Core Systems. The massive fleet contains at least 25 Leviathan-class freighters and has full IAF cover for its journey.

The convey will be bringing in much sought after off-world resources, used throughout the manufacturing and production industries in the Core Systems. They will also be bringing exotic and luxury goods for consumer markets.

United Industries critics accuse them of also bringing in a number of black market goods, including dangerous off-world narcotics.

The IAF has devoted a large defensive force to the convoy, calling the goods 'invaluable to the functioning of the IA.'